20 Years Professional Aluminum
Composite Panel Manufacturer

The Best Month To Buy ACP Is Coming

26 May

Alucoworld is 20 years manufacturer for aluminum composite panels from China.
Now the best time to buy aluminum composite panels comes, In this June, we have the biggest promotion gift for you in the whole 2022.
If you make orders, the following cash gifts will be given to you:
1. In this June, if you buy one container alucobond panels, we will send you USD1000 in cash
2. If you buy two containers, we will send you USD2000 in cash
3. If you buy three three containers, we will send you USD3000 in cash
With this accumulation, the more you buy ,the more gifts you will get.
For example: if you buy 10 containers this month, we will send you USD10000 in cash!
Cash return is very attractive, so don’t hesitate to contact with us now!