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What Is The Meaning Of Wall Cladding? 2021-10-15

15 Oct

All along, Alucoworld often explain 3 questions periodically for novice:
1. What is the meaning of wall cladding?
2. Is wall cladding necessary?
3. What is the advantage and disadvantage of different wall cladding?
Let us collate our insights on these 3 questions.

What Is The Meaning Of Wall Cladding?

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. In construction, cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings. Cladding can be made of any of a wide range of materials including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that can include aluminium, wood, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, wheat / rice straw fibers. (Quoted from Wikipedia)
According to our experience, the materials used in wall cladding vary from person to person, and there is no definite style. For example, wall cladding functions similarly to skin, acting as the first line of defense against the external environment from attacking the inside of the building.

Is Wall Cladding Necessary?

Combining our above content, the answer is ready to come out: yes, wall cladding is very necessary for buildings.
Wind, sun, and rain, choosing the right wall cladding can help resist the erosion of these natural environments on the building itself. More importantly, the correct wall cladding can delay the spread of the fire (there is no real fireproof material, most of which are insulating materials) to gain more time to escape compared to buildings without wall cladding.
If wall cladding is not used, the exterior wall of a new building will become mottled and unsightly within a few years, while the life span of a modern building is often as high as several decades. Most wall cladding has corresponding cleaning methods. Regular cleaning can not only maintain the beauty of the building but also extend the life of the wall cladding. For example, if you choose aluminum composite panel instead of natural stone as your wall cladding, only a small number of workers can complete the replacement of new wall panels and old wall panels, which is very convenient.

What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Different Wall Cladding?

Regarding the advantages of wall cladding, let us make a summary.

  • Increase the overall strength of the building
  • Provide aesthetics (requires design)
  • Provides resistance to environmental factors such as wind, sun and rain
  • Has thermal insulation effect
  • Has the effect of isolating or reducing noise
  • Play a part of decoration

Mention of different types of wall cladding material choices, maybe our Architectural Facade Cladding Solutions can help you choose.