Alucoworld-TOP 5 china brand-100% Factory price
Alucoworld-TOP 5 china brand-100% Factory price
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Alucoworld is focused on the outer wall PVDF coated aluminum composite panel and the inner wall PE coated aluminum composite panel more than 20 years, our superior quality and the popular brand sales of aluminum composite panel to more than 40 countries.Recently, the price of aluminum has been rising, so the price of aluminum and plastic raw materials are also rising. Alucoworld has been providing customers with aluminum panels of reliable quality , so we also hope to offer customers with 100% competitive factory prices.

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We are one of the China's leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite materials. Our lightweight and rigid ACP panel panels have inspired a new aesthetic and allowed new design possibilities for more than forty years of use materials make a visible difference - - from the corner stations to the skylines of the city.
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