Aluminum Price: Expectations vs. Reality
Aluminum Price: Expectations vs. Reality

Aluminum hit its highest point of the year on December 2 at US$2,051.50. Many analysis reports have assumed that most of the positive catalysts in the market had been priced in, and that upward momentum in aluminum prices would be capped.

recent growing aluminum price

In fact, high demand and little supply are causing aluminum prices to soar.

crazy aluminum price growth

What's the price of aluminum right now? That's the million-dollar question that isn't always easy to answer. Many important factors affect aluminum prices. For example:

1. The Commodity. This is the cost of the raw material.

2. The Premium. It is impacted by the regional cost of logistics (This week's Top Stories About Shipping Costs) and global supply & demand conditions.

3. The Conversion. This is the price that mills charge to convert the commodity to a usable product. The price is driven by capacity availability and competition.

3 main reasons causing aluminum prices to rise

Many customers tell Alucoworld that the high demand for aluminum composite panels has hit their wallets, mainly because of the price of aluminum. And something they do not know is that in China, many Alucobond panels manufacturers (several brands w/ more than 10 years of experience) have been bankrupt or shut down, the excessively high aluminum price is beyond their own risk-bearing ability.

Alucoworld ACP Sheets in stock

Aluminum prices are changing daily. Now the price has risen to ¥19000 per ton in May, that's $3015 per ton. The current price for alucobond panels is higher, but it will be much much higher again after 1 month. So now is your best time to order the ACP sheets.

China best alucobond panels manufacturer Alucoworld

If you miss this opportunity, you may only have two choices: Give up the ACP business, or choose to buy the Alucoworld stocks (ACP Panel New Promotion In May When Aluminum Prices Are Increasing Every Day!) which we produced one year ago.

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